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Emotional expression. Improved moods. Reducing anxiety. Self confidence. Communication skills

Music, Arts, Drama and Film


Our Music and Arts services are therapeutic in nature and include activities such as music, art, drama, creative writing/poetry, and dance/movement among many others.  

We have used arts to express ourselves and heal for many thousands of years but it’s only since the 1940’s that expressive creative arts have really been recognized as therapeutic tools, playing an important role in assessment and treatment helping to support our overall health and well being.  

Our Directors have over twenty five years experience working with music and arts Therapy and Therapeutic work with Children and Adults. We bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to Rocksteady Care along with our dedicated team of music and arts specialists.


Our activities improve mental health and emotional well being and can be a way of communicating feelings (without words) nurturing personal growth.  


All our staff team receive arts therapeutic work training and work alongside our professional arts tutors. It is important that all our team experience and understand our music and arts activities.


All our team also receive one to one support through our highly qualified and professional psychotherapist. She is the lead for our therapeutic and therapy work.   

The benefits to our overall health & well being include:

Freedom for emotional expression-    

  • Improved moods

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Helping with social and communication skills 

  • Growing self confidence and self esteem

  • Strengthening of coping strategies 

  • Encouraging self awareness & awareness of others

  • Improving focus and attention

  • Trauma processing 

  • Connection with yourself and with others

  • Expressing non-verbal thoughts and feelings

  • Healing for our overall health and well-being

  • Helping with self-regulating our emotions


Other activities 

In addition to our specialist music and arts activities here are just some of the other activities we can offer:

  • Table Tennis 

  • Sports and keep fit activities

  • Gardening 

  • Allotment

  • Cooking

  • Horse Riding

  • Swimming

  • Games Room

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